Photo Releases

We rely on photos and videos of our performances as vital marketing tools.  We use them to build interest in our shows and to expand our audience.  This media allows potential ticket buyers (and potential new sponsors) to see the level of production quality they can expect from a Funfolk performance. Unlike some classes, courses or workshops which may allow members to ‘opt out’ of photo releases, Funfolk requires that a photo release be signed for each cast member prior to participation. The photo release is included as a part of the registration form, which is provided to each Cast member before the start of rehearsals.

These photos/videos may be posted to our website, social media accounts or be used to promote our performances via newspapers, magazines, etc.

Privacy and Safety:

- We will never include any personal information when using the child’s photo online or in printed publications.  We will never include the child’s name (first, last or nickname), age or location.  We will never include the names of the child’s family members with the photos.  We will never tag the photos with the name of the child’s family member.  On occasion, we may caption the photo with the child’s character name. (For example, “Cutlass Kate is ready for battle!”)

- We will never reveal the time/date/location of our rehearsals on our website, social media accounts or in printed publications.   This information will only be made available to cast members via email.

- We ask family and friends of Funfolk cast members to respect these rules when commenting on or sharing the images posted on our social media accounts. Please do not include a child’s name when commenting (Ex. “Wow! Look how tall Susie has gotten.”).  Please do not include a child’s parent or family member’s name when commenting (Ex. “Jane, this is a great photo of your son. ”).  Please do not specifically tag the child’s family member in the comment section.  We will delete comments that violate our privacy rules.

Please note:  Your child’s name will only be included with their photo on the ‘brag board’ at the actual live performances.  Their name will also appear (without a photo) on the programs distributed  at the live performances.